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Savory Bakes Beyond Veg

Shredded chicken pieces flavored with fresh rosemary and topped with toasted sesame seeds come to you in a handy muffin. Good for your party too
I know they sound corny, but these are extremely light and completely irresistible as they are made with lots of parmesan cheese and eggs
Tempting doesn’t say it all. Try these little beauties for a never-before sensational gastronomical experience.
Roast tomato bits and cheese strips, wrapped in double chicken salami roll, wrapped rope-like in whole-wheat or refined flour dough, sprinkled with cheese and baked just for you
Bite into these whole-wheat calzones filled with spicy chicken and melted mozzarella cheese
Juicy chicken cocktail sausages wrapped rope-style within dough and then baked to a flawless golden brown! It’s the perfect snack for adults as well as for kids anytime of the day