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Addictive, irresistible buns filled with Mascarpone, Parmesan and Gorgonzola. Or you can pick the cheese of own choice like gruyere, stilton or any other.
Peas, potato, paneer, baby corn, carrot, corn or mushroom… Pick your favorite vegetables in the sauce you desire – garlic, barbeque, honey mustard or just say cheese
Now get your fav veggie inside a uniquely shaped bun flavored with Italian herbs
Yes I know, you may have had this on a pizza or a bruschetta, but when bite into the goodness of fresh basil, melted mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes , yumm is all you can say between mouthfuls
These buns pack a lot not just in health quotient but also in flavors of your favorite herbs like oregano, parsley, mint, sage and basil.
Have them as accomplishments with your soup, salad or simply with your very cheesy pasta. Either way, these little golden delights will taste yummilicious.
One of my favorite food-writer says that you should be with your near and dear ones when ordering these or you might finish it all on your own… with melted mozzarella cheese inside and toasted cheese on the outside, I couldn’t agree with her anymore!
I know… these look absolutely gorgeous but you are allowed to swoon only after you have taken an itty bitty bite of this garlicky buttery goodness. Order in individual pieces or a pull-apart round or square.